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 First Name: John
 Last Name: Fernandes
 City / Town: Calgary
 State / Province: Alberta
 Average Skill and Ability: 6.6
 Average Ability to Communicate Effectively: 6.0
 Average Warmth and Friendliness: 5.8
 Average Availability: 5.2
 Average Overall Performance: 5.4

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Dr. Fernandes is very good at his job. He is quick yet thorough. He is also a really nice person.

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Great Dr., however he should drop his reception staff Irene!

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Dr. Fernandes is a competent doctor, but his wife Paige who also works in the office is very unprofessional and can be downright nasty, it is all about the money over there and if you are a healthy, infrequent patient be warned, you will get released as a patient and forced to find a new doctor. I discovered this after many years at the same clinic and this happened to me, so make sure you go and book an appt. at least once or twice a year and make sure they do not classify you as a " file storage facility" patient with " no contribution to their operating costs" . Do your part and make sure Alberta Health is paying for a visit even if you do not need to go. No wonder our health system is in trouble!

 6 6 2 1 4

just do not choose him

 4 5 3 3 3

I have been a patient of Dr. Fernandes since he began practicing. He is always in a hurry. He does not listen well. Makes lots of mistakes like confusing patient prescriptions. This practice is all about making money. His wife Paige who also works with him is extremely rude and probably responsible for him losing patients. She needs a lesson in common courtesy. I prefer to use the walk-in clinics where I get treated with a lot more respect.

 10 8 7 7 9

Is he busy? Yes. Is he quick and a bit abrupt? Yes. Is he so good that all the rest just doesn´ t really matter? Absolutely. I´ ve had countless doctors in my 41+ years, and he is the only one to know about the rare condition I have, and the only one to understand the impacts it can have on my life.

On the day after I separated from my wife, he took the time to talk to me about it even though he had a full waiting room. He spends his time with his patients wisely, and he can´ t spend 30 minutes talking to each person about their son/niece/cat. However, if you´ re truly in need, he will take the time for you.

At the end of the day, as distasteful as this seems to many of us, he has a business to run, and due to the funding structure in our province that makes his business one that is based on volume. Accept that you are getting fast, high-quality medical advice and give up the notion of having a personal relationship with your doctor. That´ s just not reality any more.

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His practice is obviously a business, but you´ d think to make it a successful one he would have staff that would reflect some of those characteristics.. When you call your doctor´ s office after being told by paramedics that is important to see your family doctor as soon as possible & are told that they have nothing available for 2 weeks so end up in emergency!!?!?!? Was appalled by the rude, uncaring & unprofessional behavior.

 6 3 1 1 2

I´ d like to echo many of the concerns already mentioned.
Dr. Fernandes is a competent professional who has the knowledge to deliver sound medical advice... but does not do this consistently.

In my treatment, he has made more wrong or ineffectually diagnoses when I seen him, than delivering real help. He has contradicted himself on many occasions. He is impossible to see in a timely manner when you are in need. He is rushed, out of touch, and as a result sloppy in his approach. If he is book smart... he’s not people smart.

I can appreciate that he is overwhelmed, but he is ultimately responsible for this state. His biggest weakness is the reliance on his wife, Paige, as nurse and office manager. She is at best cold and at worst rude. She has no sense for customer service, and is seemingly unable to empathise with patients. She wants elderly “cash cow” patients: high frequency, low complexity clients – filling prescriptions week after week. She seem’s to forget that although Alberta Health pays the bills… the patients make the practice.

Since Dr. Fernandes opened there has been a steady degradation of quality of service and a not-so-subtle focus on maximizing profit at the patients’ expense. I think John, at his heart has what it takes to be a good, caring doctor; But with the pressure, guidance and support he’s getting from his wife he won’t. As a team this husband and wife seems focused on there entitlement, and a palatable disappointment that having a medical practice isn’t delivering the “Beverly Hills” lifestyle they saw in the movies.

I hope for his sake he sees the light, suggests a change of carreer for his wife (realestate maybe?), starts to build back the respect and trust of his patients again. If you call and his wife answers - hang up. Fair warning.

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My children have been patients with Dr. Fernandes since they were wee; I visit rarely, because I have " White Coat Syndrome" - terrified of Doctors..Definitely not due to the care from Dr. Fernandes; I have always found him to be friendly, and, courteous. His staff are friendly, and, so what if Paige is abrupt at times? She has always been absolutely professional.

I am afraid of Dr´ s - but, know I can trust Dr. Fernandes. At one time, I went in with a very severe skin condition; he admited he did not know what it was, but recommended a cream, and suggested I return for a followup. Well, the cream did not work, and, my skin was worse; he did not let me leave; he phoned a fellow physician, who happened to be a dermatologist, and I was in within 30 minutes, to see a Dr. who is booked 6 months in advance.

 10 10 10 10 10

????? ??????? ??????!!!!!!!!

 10 10 10 10 10

Well said!!!!

 10 10 10 10 10

Not sure what all the " griping" is about. Dr. F and his staff are the utmost professional and always work in the best interest of the patient.

It´ s funny how people are so willing to " slam" when their identity is concealed. I´ m sure those complaints are from the " problematic" patients who are NEVER happy with anything.

Bottom line, this Doctor " Rocks" and his staff is very competent!

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I have read this posting after one of my colleagues sent it to me. Dr. Fernandes has been my Doctor for many years. I also happen to be a medical secretary in an adjacent office that often refers patients to Dr. Fernandes for second opinions, surgery, etc. I have covered in Dr. Fernandes´ office on many occasions when his staff was ill, etc.

I think that Dr. Fernandes is excellent - bottom line. He is caring, compassionate and thorough. I actually know several of the people that posted negative comments on this ratings blog - and can certify that they were kicked out of Dr. Fernandes´ practice for bad behaviour. I know this because they tried to get into my Dr.´ s practice after being kicked out of Dr. Fernandes´ office.

It´ s sad that people can post anything they like on a forum like this completely anonymously. What you typically find is that you only get inaccurate stories from people who, for some reason, want to " vent" their frustrations when they couldn´ t bully Dr. Fernandes or his staff into getting what they want.

I actually know one of the people below who posted a negative comment about Dr. Fernandes and his wife. This nasty patient was basically trying to scam an insurance company so that she could go on a cruise. Dr. Fernandes refused to write her a note to get her off work for 3 weeks " to recover from an illness" . She tried to exploit her knowledge about Dr. Fernandes and his family in order to coerce/threaten Dr. Fernandes into writing her an extended absence note.

When Dr. Fernandes refused - she tried to get the note from his Nurse/Wife Paige. And when SHE refused - this patient ended up coming to my Dr.´ s office to try to exploit us for the note.

This patient eventually posted very negative comments about me and my Dr. after she saw us both and didn´ t get what she wanted. Dr. Fernandes basically threw her out of his practice - and she became vicious to him. She is not smart. She came into my Dr´ s office wanting to be a patient - stating how " terrible" Dr. Fernandes was.

I would be willing to bet that most of the negative comments about Dr. Fernandes are from patients similar to this. Generally, only people that are unhappy about something - or didn´ t get to bully a Medical Office - will take the time and effort necessary to post negative comments like this anonymously.

I am about to retire, so I don´ t care if anyone knows who I am. I´ m sure that many people will be able to guess when they look at Dr. Fernandes´ neighbours.

To the woman who so viciously attacked Dr. Fernandes and his family in the post below: SHAME ON YOU, HC! I see that you never once mentioned that Dr. Fernandes came to your house many times in the middle of the night over the years and saved your life, stitched up your kids on the kitchen table and saved the lives of BOTH of your parents. It is because of reprehensible people like you that fine Doctors like Dr. Fernandes have to carefully scrutinize who they allow into their practice and why so many of our fine Physicians eventually burn out and leave practice!

I hope that you get what is obviously coming to you. A saying I like is that Karma will eventually come your way: remember - Karma is only nasty if you are.....and you are the nastiest. Enjoy your Karma.

To anyone who reads this post - don´ t believe what you necessarily read on the internet. If you are an adult - you know what people are like and how they can be. Judge for yourself. If you do - you won´ t miss an opportunity to get a great Dr. and it might just one day save your life!

I love being old......

 10 10 10 10 10

I don´ t know how to type, so I am getting my granddaughter to type this for me. My daughter told me about this blog thing and so I read it myself and got very upset with what I read.

This Doctor has been taking care of my grandkids, my kids, my parents, my grandma and my cousins and uncles, nieces and nephews for a very long time. In all, he probably takes care of about 45 family members of mine and we all agree: he is amazing. Yes, he is always in a hurry - but when any of us has really needed him: he is ALWAYS there for us.

When my wife was dying " from old age" we used to call it - but now we call it " Alzheimer´ s" - Dr. Fernandes somehow had the ability to make " time stand still" in the room with just the two of us. He would often talk to me for up to half an hour at a time, never once worrying about the throngs of people waiting for him in the waiting room. During the agonizing two year process that slowly took my wife away from me until only a shell remained - Dr. Fernandes kept me going with a combination of medications and just talking to and supporting me. I am actually crying while I´ m writing this because I am SOOO angry at the people that posted negative comments about him and his wife - who AWLAYS found time for me in his busy and crowded practice. She is truly an angel, Paige is. My wife really liked Paige too.

When my wife eventually died, Dr. Fernandes and his wife took the time to come to the funeral. I know that they have a very busy family life - yet they was there for me! How many Doctors do this?

Dr. Fernandes always stays personally on call for all of his patients. All of the time. When my cousin called him on Christmas morning when he was having chest pain - Dr. Fernandes answered the phone....and organized everything that saved my cousin from a heart attack. On Christmas day, Dr. Fernandes went to the hospital and made sure that my cousin got his Stint - or whatever that little cage thing is that goes in your heart artery [Grandpa - I think its called a " stent" ].

How many Physicians personally stay on call all the time for all of their patients? None that I know other than Dr. Fernandes.

So please don´ t believe any of the bad comments. They are probably from bad people.

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Yes and I wonder how many of the 10/10/10/10/10 reviews are done by his wife? No doctor is perfect and I know QUITE well that he is not. I dumped him and now just go to the walk-in clinic in Beddington. At least they look after you there.

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The absolute worst doctor, he should be banned from practicing.
He does not care about his patients and has zero respect for the health of anyone
in his care.

 2 3 3 3 2

I would hesitate to call him a " dr" and I would never call his wife a nurse. Most of the time when you go to the office you sit there and wonder why on earth you´ ve come back. He doesn´ t listen, shuffles you out while dismissing every one of your concerns. I need to find a new doctor but right now I´ m stuck with him and his arrogance. I´ m at the point where I´ m just waiting to keel over and go to the emergency room before I go back to see him. He´ s not helpful! He´ s a little big for his britches and I get embarrassed for him every time I see walk in the office. Just writing this review makes me angry and in fact I´ m going to drop him right now. Dr. Fernandes. Give me a BREAK.

 2 1 1 3 1

Hmm where to start - he is arrogant, does not listen to your concerns, is rude, rushes you out of the office, leaves you feeling worse then when you came in and the list goes on! His wife is a witch and should hide out on a remote island where she has no contact with humans. She obviously has no people skills and I am sure this is because she is just as arrogant and self centered as her husband. Do yourself a favour and find another doctor. You are actually better off without one if he is your only choice.

 10 10 10 10 10

I have been a patient of Dr. F´ s for 12 years. He is very good at what he does. He is knowledgeable and very kind. The staff is great too. They will do anything to help you out. They will squeeze you in, make that extra call and make sure that the patient is taken care of. Those of you who are disgruntled, are probably experiencing problems in all aspects of your life. You are miserable people just looking to take out your problems on anyone you can. Because this is a forum that is anonymous you feel you can exaggerate. Well, I disagree, this office and Doctor are among the best there is!!

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WHY WHY WHY do I continue to go back and waste my time with this Doctor and his so called nurse/office manager/wife who is the rudist most anti-social person I have ever had the misfortune to deal with - Dr Fernandes is a close second.
9 times out of 10 I leave feeling worse then when I actually went in.
I honestly feel like running for the front door everytime I go there - Well this time I did and I won´ t be returning anytime soon! In fact I NEVER will be.

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I would have given zeros if possible! Jerk off!

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What else is there to say... Theres no place for negative numbers!!!

 5 6 6 10 2

Was referred to see Fernadez for something growing on my foot. He did take time to ask about the growth. I got in within a week, surgery could have been scheduled in 2 weeks??? In Alberta we all wait for months or years to get in to see someone, but when we get in to see someone in 2 weeks is also not good. When I arrived in the waiting room, no one waiting to see the doctor, no phones calls, no nothing, scary of the silence. He quoted me $350 to have something removed, and to pay for his supplies and stitches, that Alberta Health doesn´ t cover, and he only wanted CASH??????????? Surgery could be scheduled in a week, sounds like he needs work or he is a scamper. Not sure about him and his profession, been to alot of doctors office´ s, none this quite, no people. Who is a Family Physician/SURGEON, and still no patients ????

 8 3 5 2 1

Staff can be very nasty. I was " fired" for complaining that the Dr. " dropped me on my head" .

Bipolar disease was well controlled without a problem for over 25 years. Fernandez took me off due to Kidney complications. No provision for follow-up, no substitute medication. AFTER I became manic, he prescribed a new medication but, again, did not follow up. Staff reaction to resulting borderline manic behavior was to be argumentative and confrontational (rather than seeing this as a need for increasing or changing the medication). Fernandez reaction was to brush off the whole affair -- never discussing it seriously. As a result, I was manic for almost a year. Staff goaded me into complaining about all this whereupon they fired me for complaining. No provision for medication renewal or referral. NEVER any attempt to resolve the problem or see it in MEDICAL terms.

Fernandez also has a tendency to alarm patients by remarks such as " The Foothills is killing my patients" . He loses test results and blames the " system" , complains about money and generally undermines the patient´ s confidence in the Alberta Health system as a whole.

He also tended to alarm me on a personal level with at least two cancer scares that turned out to be false alarms.

Fernandez loves drama and plays his games at the expense of his patients.

 3 1 2 1 1

Just a note to confirm remarks about sloppiness. His prescriptions are very frequently wrong in some detail, requiring the Pharmacy to call back about dosage levels etc. Over the years he seems to have lost his ability to remember the the main chronic complaints of his long-term patients and will ask the PATIENT whether she is taking a medication she has been on for decades.

It is a rare case when he manages to obtain information from the outside world without a great deal of griping and complaining. I´ ve lost track of the number of times he has shuffled through his records (now computerized) complaining about the Lab etc. then said " Oh, here it is!" . He doesn´ t seem to communicate with the hospitals at all. His contacts in the profession seem to be spotty: he refers people to quack Chiropractors and doesn´ t follow up on complaints of resulting injury. He doesn´ t seem to know any psychiatrists. In short, his practice is a mess.

 10 10 10 10 10

I am sure that many of you assholes writing on here have a never had a serious medical issue that needed attention for you to live, well I have and this man has saved my family members! He has found and treated my amazing aunt who has breast cancer. My grandparents are long time patients of John and he has gotten up countless times in the middle of the night to help my grandfather while he was in china! There are not many doctors willing to do this, this man is wonderful and cares greatly about his patients however if all you get is what you need and that is not enough then you are simply selfish. There are people who need more attention based on illness not on being selfish and greedy attention grabbing cry babies.

His wife Paige is an absolute delight and also has responsibilities to people based on the amount of the attention they NEED not what they want. The world is far to self involved to realize that this man is doing his job he is there to save your life not be your best friend.

 10 10 10 10 10

I am sure that many of you assholes writing on here have a never had a serious medical issue that needed attention for you to live, well I have and this man has saved my family members! He has found and treated my amazing aunt who has breast cancer. My grandparents are long time patients of John and he has gotten up countless times in the middle of the night to help my grandfather while he was in china! There are not many doctors willing to do this, this man is wonderful and cares greatly about his patients however if all you get is what you need and that is not enough then you are simply selfish. There are people who need more attention based on illness not on being selfish and greedy attention grabbing cry babies.

His wife Paige is an absolute delight and also has responsibilities to people based on the amount of the attention they NEED not what they want. The world is far to self involved to realize that this man is doing his job he is there to save your life not be your best friend.

 10 10 10 8 10

After reading the comments below, it is very clear that only the " bitter" and " pathetic" complain. It is also clear how very few people take responsibility for their actions/behaviors. It´ s also very unfortunate that a forum like this exists where people can " anonymously" leave such comments. I wounder how many comments would change if you had to leave your name and phone number?

Dr. Fernandes and is staff are great. I´ m sure there are days where they are busy and overwhelmed, but usually this office is top notch! The skill and expertise that Dr. Fernandes and his staff have are truly the best in the city. I have been a patient in this office for 10 years and have nothing but great things to say.

To those of you who complain, clearly you do not believe in Karma! Best of luck to you, I´ m sure you´ ll be miserable where ever you end up!

 10 10 10 8 10

Amazing Doctor. Really thorough and saved my life when he found my thyroid cancer when I had absolutely no symptoms. My wife and three young kids will be eternally grateful. Lots of jerks on this site I see gave him a poor rating. I have seen how his office often deals with chronic pain patients that look to me like they´ re drug seeking. His staff is very good and they don´ t let any of these druggies walk all over them. I remember one lady screaming that unless she got her morphine - she would go on this site and rate him poorly. The staff fired her and asked her to leave. Dumb lady. I see that she probably posts below, which is why I thought I´ d post something honest and help this amazing Doctor out. Don´ t believe the spoiled lowlife haters that give him and his staff a bad review. Scummy people are everywhere - it must be hard to work with the public & manage all their garbage while trying to act professionally. I´ m just lucky that there is no " rate my sales rep" site for my industry or I´ m sure that my competitors would post dishonest reviews in order to compete with me. Anyways, enough time spent on this useless site full of crap. This Doc & his staff rocks and if you think otherwise - you are a bloody idiot.

 8 9 3 2 1

This guy was suppose to do me a minor surgery that is covered by health care, and still he insisted in charging me $280!!
Attends appointments late and he is only after one thing... money!
Find another ethical doctor. This one not recommended at all.

 8 1 1 1 1

Yeah this doctor works for the WCB and is purely a piece of scum! very very rude, and his attitude is to low people and even judge them. Advice: try to avoid him!

 4 1 1 1 1

This is a " for profit" office only. Anyway they can charge you, they will at the expense of your health. We have been advised to report his behaviour and lack of medical skills to the board. May just do that yet. Paige is the most arrogant, rude human being we have ever encounted, go back to the hole you came out of Paige. If she does not like you, you will wait up to one month to get to see the doctor no matter how serious your matter. We have a new doctor, thank god!

 10 10 10 10 10

We LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr. F. He has been there for myself and my kids COUNTLESS times. I can call with a very sick little boy and the staff does their UTMOST to get us in as soon as they can; sometimes same day !!!! Those who think they get better care at a Walk-In can go there because I´ ve always found terrible care anytime I´ ve been in a pinch (on a weekend) and had to resort to a walk in - and can´ t get in to see the doc. How can you walk into a clinic and expect ANY good care when they don´ t know your medical history. You´ re not being an advocate of your own health if you think you think you´ re getting anything more than band-aid-patch-and-repair-diagnosis- kind of care. That´ s a risk I would NEVER take with my family.

Paige is AWSOME! I can´ t understand why people think she is so unkind. She´ s always been so wonderful to us. Anyone who says different is likely self absorbed and demanding. In fact, it´ s always Paige who goes that extra mile to get us in quickly if she thinks one of us needs to be seen. She´ s the front line and I´ m so frustrated that people can´ t see that it´ s always the front line workers who take the most abuse! How about giving her a smile and a kind word first and see what kind of response you get as opposed to standing at the desk demanding this and that.

Dr. F has only been polite, kind, attentive, knowledgable, and generous with his time and talent. I just can´ t say enough good things about him and his staff.

He has all the characteristics I think make an exceptional doctor. He´ s dedicated and thorough. He listens intently, and asks all the right questions. When in doubt he asigns the right tests, and ensures follow-up, but most importantly he always has a kind word and a gentle bed side manner.

In the end, I´ m not selling him to anyone as I know for a FACT he doesn´ t need new patients. If you don´ t like him, go elsewhere. You are just making room for those of us who appreciate him.

 8 6 6 2 5

I would say that I echo a variety of the sentiments expressed here.

While the doctor himself is competent and appears to be up to date on most treatments and diagnostic procedures, and his own personal " bedside manner" is definitely more than acceptable, the same cannot be said for his staff.

Dr. Fernandes became my family doctor due to the retirement of Dr. Lampard, with whom I had been very happy for a number of years. Initially Dr. Fernandes appeared to be a good replacement however his receptionist (I seem to get the impression she might be his spouse based on comments here) is most unwelcoming and cold.

Knowledge and skill are only part of what makes up a good medical practice and it is in this area that the deficiencies seem to occur. There is little empathy for urgent situations and the flippant " you can always go to emergency" seems to be a ready part of the lexicon in the office. After experiencing this response on numerous occasions (I generally do not go to the doctor unless I have a serious situation to deal with in order to not take up time in a stressed medical system, hence when I call it is likely somewhat pressing) I have moved on to another office where I have been treated consistently with professionalism and not had to deal with ridiculous appointment schedules, often getting an appointment for the next day. Yes, with proper organization it can be done.

 5 2 2 1 2

Too busy Too quick and certainly not interested in the patient. The only care is how much money you will spend. As for Paige she too is only interested in money.

 10 10 10 10 10

I´ ve seen too many doctors that really don´ t give a crap. At least Dr Fernandes does and is very good at what he does. Yes he
doesn´ t have tons of time to spend with me but yet I get it. He is busy but I´ d rather see a busy doctor then not seeing one at all.
I´ ve been to the walk in clinics and they aren´ t much fun. I´ ve been into Dr Fernandes office and seen how rude people get. OMG. I really didn´ t know that there were that many rude people out there. Oh any by the way folks have you been to the hospital lately that´ s even worse.

 10 9 10 8 10

I felt compelled to write a summary on Dr. John Fernandes after reading all the negative reviews people write on here.

First of all I have never met such a knowledgeable and skillful doctor. Sure many of you might disagree, but the fact is that I´ ve had over 20 surgical procedures performed here, and have absolutely no complaints. I´ ve never had one infection or badly performed operation. I even recommended my mother here who also was weary of seeing Dr. Fernandes at first, but came out with nothing but praise.

This is the harsh reality of Dr. Fernandes: for those of you looking for a doctor to baby you through procedures, this won´ t happen. DR.FERNANDES IS BUSY. We´ re talking about a doctor who teaches at the University of Calgary, works at the Hospital, runs his own clinic, and VOLUNTEERS WEEKS of his time every year saving lives where people CANNOT AFFORD healthcare. Anyone care to take a guess how many hours a week he works? You people complaining should just be grateful a doctor with this skill and knowledge is available in Calgary. This is not to say he doesn´ t properly explain procedures and risks - on the contrary, Dr. Fernandes gives a thorough overview of everything he does. You just have to trust this man, as I would with my life.

AND YES THIS IS A BUSINESS. The sooner you people come to realize that the better off you´ ll be. I pay $320 every time I go see Dr. Fernandes for surgery, and I have no problem doing so, because:

1) I don´ t have to wait a year or two for surgery, I wait a month or two at the most after calling for an appointment(my condition is not serious). For emergencies the wait would be much shorter.

2) I know what kind of treatment to expect. I know I wont have a botched surgery, no infections, scars that heal extremely well, and someone to contact in an emergency (which hasn´ t happened yet).

EVERY BLOODY CLINIC is a business. Whether you go to your dentist or doctor or orthodontist, or chiropractor etc, you are looking at a health care business. Would you stop going to your dentist because he/she was running a profit?? Common people enough with the allegations. The idea that this clinic does or doesn´ t make profit has nothing to do with the quality of service it gives.

Remember that Dr. Fernandes is only human. I´ ve seen some people complaining he´ s made mistakes or contradicted himself - everyone makes mistakes. For every person writing here complaining about him, there are hundreds of satisfied patients.

And lastly, without this getting too personal, all of you insulting Paige his wife - the nurse and office manager can go f*** y***selves. Get to know her before calling her a witch. Sure she can be harsh and cold at times, anyone can be. I´ d be pretty harsh too if half of you idiots were in my office.

 3 1 9 2 1

John loves drama. He gave me a cancer scare the first time I saw him, then lost the biopsy. More scares to follow. His wife, Piage, should not be in any business that involves helping people. She was constantly getting mixed up about my personal situation. She basically fired me in the middle of that emergency without referral. As a direct result of this doctor´ s neglect and incompetence, I and my family endured a year-long manic period. Once I found a new doctor who restored the proper type and dose of mediation, I returned to heath and have stayed well ever since. This doctor spent all his time with his nose in his computer. As years went on, his questions for me revealed that he had totally lost touch with me as a person.

In spite of his friendly, can-do attitude, I saw no evidence that he really cared about his patients. For example, he never seemed to get information on my frequent hospitalizations and told me the Foothills was " killing his patients" . When a medication wasn´ t working, he´ d claim it was because the quality control on the pills was the problem or that my reaction was completely bizarre. What is a patient supposed to do with such information?

I seriously believe he could have killed me if I had not been " fired" by his wife for being sick. I have had a new doctor for a year now and it´ s refreshing to see what a difference competence and caring have made to my health. I have my life back. Home - About - Contact Us - Privacy Policy

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